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Business Guide to Buying is the virtual market for textile and apparel trade. It is the common platform for buyers and sellers who are connected with the textile and apparel trade industry in any way - be it as suppliers of fabric, accessories, packaging and machinery or exporters, buying agents / buyers, cargo agents, consultants and manufacturers! Using the powerful medium of the internet - with all its advantages of savings in time, effort and resources, our aim is to facilitate and enhance the business and in fact to add a whole new dimension to the way business is done in this industry!
Buying on texnett :
Following are the main advantages of buying on texnett:
     1   Information on line: You can get all the information that you need for your buying requirements on texnett through selection of any particular category.
     2  Window shopping: You can browse through the virtual shops on texnett !
     3  Savings: You save time and money and a lot of hassle as you can easily reach the supplier directly.
     4  Sourcing from all over: You need not be content with what is available in your area as you can now reach suppliers in every corner of India!
So how can you buy on texnett?
Place a deal: One way is to place a deal in the 'Buy' section of texnett. In order to do this, click on 'deals' in the navigation bar. In the deals section, click on 'Place a business deal here...'. You are sure to be contacted by a number of suppliers who are listed on texnett and can cater specifically to your requirement.
Respond to a deal: You can also buy on texnett by reponding to a deal that has been placed in the 'Sell' section. Do keep track of what is available in the 'deals' section for you just might strike a bargain! You can contact the Company that has placed a specific deal as the complete particulars are available to you on texnett.
Search for a source: It is easy to search for companies that might be offering what you are looking for. Simply go to the 'search' section and type in the key words. The whole site will be searched for matches to the key words typed in by you and the results displayed accordingly. You can then contact the concerned companies.
Look for a source by profile: Depending on the kind of product/service you are looking for, you can select a 'category'. On selection of a particular category, you will see a comprehensive list of the companies that are dealing in that product / service. You can see the Company Pages of all the listed members of texnett under that category and contact whom so ever you wish to.
The product section: You can simply go to the 'product' section of texnett and see the product pages of texnett members according to the category selected by you. The product page of a company will give details of the product/service offered, a brief description and remarks. The price may or may not be given. So you can simply contact the company whose products/serivices you are interested in.